Valued Partners, Suppliers and Links

When considering options about your RVHauler lifestyle and purchase, I highly recommend reading the material that Jack and Danielle Mayer have assembled here:

Dale and Mark Bruss have also put together a super website discussing their “Red Rover” truck, why they did it, and what do to after you purchase it. Visit their site here:

The ultimate place to pose your questions, and talk to HDT owners is on the HDT forum here:…..owforum=32

For the details you crave on every part, piece, and challenge when converting your own truck into an RV Hauler, you have to review and bookmark the “Heavy Hauler RV Resource Guide” here:

Henry Szmyt has engineered the superior hitch for our application.  This is the only hitch you should consider for your RV Hauler.  Henry is also the “lighting electronics” saviour for our RVHaulers.  Henry is the creator of the industry-standard ET Jackalopee.  See his products here:

If you are considering the move to a HDT to tow your trailer, Cloy and Rene have a great website that shares their experiences, costs and reasoning behind their purchase and conversion.
http:/ is a comprehensive directory helping RVers find RV dump station locations to empty or dump their gray water and black holding tanks, When RVs have to go…™ This site also includes information such as if the dump station is RV friendly for big rigs. This may not be an issue with RV Haulers trucks as our trucks turn tighter circles than their counterparts:

If you want to grow your business on the internet IMSMB is the BEST. The team at IMSMB created the RVHaulers website, and we are thrilled with the creativity, speed, and service we have received. If you need website design, website hosting, domain names, training or help with online marketing, we highly recommend this company.

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