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Are you considering using a HDT Heavy Duty Truck to tow your large trailer? This website is meant to show you the benefits of that RVHauler solution, and share information.

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Top 10 Reasons to Consider an RV Hauler HDT (Heavy Duty Truck) over a Pickup Truck, Medium Duty Truck (MDT) or a Sport Truck

  1. Safety – superior braking and control.
  2. Capabilty – You can pull the largest trailers, and take all your toys.
  3. Easy to Drive – automatic transmissions with no clutch.
  4. Performance – Power for passing and climbing the toughest mountain passes.
  5. Comfort – Quiet, comfortable interiors designed for the longest trips.  End your holiday with a relaxing drive home.
  6. Longevity – these units are made to go over a million miles!
  7. Operate with a standard driver’s licence plus airbrake certificate in most provinces or states
  8. Fuel Economy: 10+ MPG (imperial) while towing the largest 5th wheel trailers or horse trailers
  9. Seats up to 5 passengers comfortably
  10. Smaller turning radius than a one ton pickup truck

“You will be dealing with a very honest, upstanding young man, that has lots of integrity. He is a rare find in this world today.”

Roberta, Billings, MT.

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