About Us


Gregg has a passion for sharing information, answering questions, and pointing folks in the right direction!

Gregg started his first company in 1991. Through all his subsequent business successes, his true passions were for welding, fixing, tinkering, and building.

As a family, the Shields enjoy hunting, camping, fishing, and quadding. They have owned 8 diesel pickups in the last 12 years.

As the Shields family grew – so did the trailers in length and weight. Gregg soon discovered that his trailers started to pull his one ton dually… his dually was at the mercy of the trailer at times.

He started to research alternatives, and found commercially available Class 7 Sport Trucks, but the prices were beyond their budget.

Their First RV Hauler was created…

Gregg purchased his first Class 8 highway tractor, and made some upgrades. The resultant truck was incredible. Others saw the Shields’ RVHauler, and were intrigued, and surprised at how inexpensive they were compared to standard 350, 450 and 550 pickup trucks. Their RV Hauler was substantially less expensive than the Sport Truck alternatives.

It took only a few days before he had his first truck order from friends.


Grew up driving the family truck nick-named “The Tree Dodger.”

At an early age she was introduced to stick-shifting a ¾ ton carrying the family camper and pulling the family fishing boat.

Dad would have to adjust the timing making the trip from Alberta to BC. She says “I’ve never been more comfortable driving our loaded trailer and truck”.

Kerry keeps Gregg from getting too carried away. She has been heard calling their own RVHauler Gregg’s Christmas Tree. Gregg keeps hanging more ornaments on it.