SOLD Low Low Mileage SHADOW – Smart Car or ATV or Motorcycle Ready


SOLD!  We are honored that US Veteran Jermaine has chosen SHADOW (and smart car Silhouette) to be his “Base of Operations” in his future travels.  This gentleman travels across the USA in is present undertakings, and is looking forward to having a “Mobile Command Center”.  (Can you tell I have been taking notes?)  We are adding some additional customizations visually and operationally to ensure SHADOW meets his mission profile moving forward.

Meet SHADOW!  Only 253,000 miles!

I personally setup this RVHauler to meet my own travel plans and needs.  I knew the original commercial owner, and how this Volvo was treated and cared for was awesome.  It shows. My wife and I have enjoyed traveling in SHADOW for over 60 hours this season.  Would you like a very low mileage RVHauler that is ready to take a smart car, or other similarly sized toys?  He is road-tested thoroughly, inspected, and has been tweaked to my picky standards.


  1. 253,000 miles
  2. ishift autoshift transmission (12 speed, no clutch on the floor)
  3. Deluxe interior with rear table and benches that converts to a bed
  4. Custom paint and bed by RVHaulers
  5. Custom Moose Guard
  6. Cool blacked-out look with a bit of chrome for BLING
  7. Lots of storage space under and in the bed.
  8. 535 Horsepower
  9. non smoking
  10. setup to carry EITHER a Smart car OR
  11. two ATVS loaded lengthwise – up to 8.5 foot long maximum
  12. Sorry no, it can’t load a Jeep or longer vehicle and still connect to a 5th wheel. It is designed for a smart car, a couple motorcycles, a three wheel cycle or two of the shorter ATVs
  13. Fridge, microwave, factory inverter charger system
  14. All new tires
  15. Deluxe leather National 2000 seats – rotate to face rearward
  16. Drom box ready if you prefer

Would you like customizations?  We can do that!