SOLD – ‘STUBS’ the Short and Nimble MACK


WATCH the test-drive and inspection video below!

For 14 YEARS – Jack and his wife have enjoyed this RVHauler.  They have brought him to RVHaulers so we can help find new travel partners for him.

1998 Model 600, Pre-Emissions – No DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) No DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter).  Price advertised in US Dollars. If importing into the US, there is no duty or taxes at the border! NO FET of course!

Awesome Fuel Economy Mileage – The previous owners last took this RVHauler named ‘STUBS’ from Calgary to Phoenix – and averaged 13.5 MPG!!!

590,000 miles on the odometer

10 speed manual transmission

Variable Torque MACK engine programmed for varying between 355 to 380 HP

Non smoking interior

Super short and Super Nimble – only 23 feet 6 inches long overall

Inspected and ready for a new home.

Do you want customizations made?  We can do that!  Make him longer, make a new bed, take a toy or two along with you!

Regarding importation, and titling assistance for US folks
For the last 12 years, I have been selling the majority of my units to US folks.  There is no duty or taxes at the border.  We have the process down to a stress-free science.   In advance, we get everything pre-arranged.  I can provide you with the one key form you need at the border to get “stamped”. On average, it takes about 15 minutes to get the paperwork taken care of.   I provide you with an in-transit permit for driving home.   These RVHaulers are made initially in the US, and meet all EPA and safety regulations.    The title of STUBS is a motorhome, licensed for personal use.  The title doesn’t say “truck” anywhere.  You are purchasing an out-of-state motorhome when you get it home.