SOLD – An RVHauler (Boy) Named Sue – Setup for Fuel Economy!


SOLD! SOLD! SUE is destined to tow a DRV and carrry a Smartie named “Herbie” and hit the road full-timing!  YAY!

I feel blessed that folks will trust me to build a safe and reliable RVHauler suited to their travels.  Thanks to SUE’s new owners for putting their faith in me to help them assemble the parts of their new travel lifestyle.

Meet SUE.  People often ask me where the names for our RVHaulers come from.

In honor of the late Johnny Cash, I have named this RVHauler SUE.  In 1969 he recorded a song titled “A Boy Named Sue”.  I have always liked that song.  The boy in the song was given the name SUE and a guitar from his father.  That was the father’s only contribution.  Because Sue’s father knew that he would not be there for his son, he gave him the name as an act of tough love, believing correctly that the ensuing ridicule would force him to “get tough or die”   The boy always sought revenge.  They encountered each other later in life in a bar, and a fight ensued.

I always loved the line “My name is Sue! How do you do?”

I have setup SUE with everything possible for fuel economy.  I changed the rear end ratio to a 2.67 to get the most wicked good fuel economy possible.  This D13 engine ticks over at 1050 RPMs at 65 miles per hour.  It just puuuuuuurs along.  If you want, you can take him for a drive.  SUE has “legs” for sure.

He ticks all the boxes I think.

  • D13 Engine programmed for 500 HP.
  • 2012 model 780 (largest most luxurious model Volvo)
  • 541,500 miles
  • Ishift transmission
  • all new tires all around.  Specifically installed high fuel efficiency tires.
  • rear workstation configuration (table and benches)
  • fridge, microwave
  • rotating leather seats
  • rear hitch monitoring camera
  • non smoking
  • setup for a smart car (smart car not included)
  • ET SR 5th wheel hitch capable of towing up to a 30,000 lb 5th wheel