COMING SOON – YORK the 2019 Volvo Model 760

The team at RV Haulers has finished customizing this super clean 2019 to accommodate carrying a Jeep, and towing a super-huge custom 5th wheel.  And of COURSE YES we have installed a never-rust CANBED to carry the Jeep and handle tons of storage.  Our fully engineered CANBed is super-light, and stronger than aluminum.

We are still doing final testing, and ensuring this RVHauler is ready for a new owner.  Price is NOT determined yet. VIN 4V4NC9EH6KN906292  MILEAGE 492,126 MILES

The 5er 5th wheel is not for sale, nor is the Jeep Wrangler. Those are shown just for illustration purposes to see the final resultant combination possible.