FOR SALE SOON RVHauler named … coming this 2022 Summer!


This is the RVHauler named …  well, I haven’t named him yet.  We are finishing this one up now, and we expect to have it tested, fully inspected and ready for a new home soon.

This white Volvo model 780 has the ideal D13 engine, non smoking interior, and we are putting the finishing touches on the smart car bed you see in this sneak peek picture.

Yes, this is the real rig!  I made the picture blurry just to keep him a bit under wraps until the big unveiling.

Keep your eye out for my usual detailed video inspection and many many pictures.

QUESTION FOR YOU !!  What do you want in an RVHauler?  I would LOVE to build one just for you!  At the present time we have over 11 RVHaulers we are custom building for folks.  Want to load a JEEP?  I will build one for you!  Contact me!