PRICE REDUCED! FOR SALE New Horizons Majestic 42 Foot Custom 4 Seasons Coach


This 42 foot New Horizons Majestic has been our personal coach for the last three years.  Prior to us, it was owned by one of our RVHaulers clients who enjoyed this coach as their full-timing home.  Out of all the 5th wheels we have owned over the years, this has been our favorite.  We are moving over to another New Horizons Majestic with a bit different floor plan, and we would like to find new owners for this cared-for coach.  I have meticulously maintained and upgraded this unit to my picky standards.  It is immaculately clean, and in fantastic condition aesthetically and mechanically.

I encourage you to look at the TWO TOUR VIDEOS to get a thorough close-up inspection of the 5th wheel.  Price Advertised in US Dollars.

  • King Size Bed
  • Non Smoking Interior
  • Newer H Speed Rated tires
  • Hydraulic Actuated Disc Brakes
  • 24,000 lbs, with 4200 lbs cargo carrying capacity
  • Upgraded Air Conditioners
  • Off Grid Ready with 2800 Magnasine Inverter Charger
  • All Upgraded Entertainment Sony Electronics, TV and Sound Bar
  • Winegard Automatic Satellite TV System
  • 6500 Watt Onan Generator
  • Dishwasher, Washer, Dryer, Full Size Residential Fridge Freezer
  • Handcrafted Rustic Cherry Cabinetry
  • 224 Cubic Foot Cavernous HUGE Belly Storage Area
  • Many upgrades made by Gregg to his picky standards

Clarification – in my video, I mistakenly quoted a 26,000 GVW.  It is a 24,000 lb Gross weight when loaded right up.

– no water, food, or contents at all.  Zero tools – empty.
– however this does include 2 propane tanks filled.
weight on triple axles  16,724 lbs
weight on the pin  4,072 lbs
Total Weight DRY  20,796 lbs
– tools ( lots) , treasures, food, parts, full water, wine, and all kinds of gear equivalent to full-timing. My wife and I spend 6-7 weeks in our NH at a time.  We spend a total of 3 months on the road total per year, so we are setup for long term travel events.
weight on triple axles  18,259 lbs
weight on the pin  5,813 lbs
Total weight LOADED = 24,072
Please note – Yes, this trailer does have a significantly heavier pin weight than some comparable setups.  Traditionally we see around 18 to 20 percent pin weights on other quality manufacturers. I have had other clients of mine over the years report that the NHorizons end up with pretty good pin weights because of the “treasures” they can carry in the belly storage area. I guess I am guilty of this too.
I expect the 5813 lb pin weight is to be blamed on me and how I take heavy belly garage contents. Perhaps someone more normal won’t pack 1000 lbs of tools.



Located in Calgary, Canada, however it is ready to go anywhere!  There is no tax, no duty should you wish to re-locate it back to the US.  Come visit us!  We are only 15 minutes from the Calgary International airport.  Fly here, and I will pick you up!  Should you wish to purchase, please plan to spend some time with us to learn how all the systems work, and remove the stress associated with learning all about your new full-timing 4 season RV!  We have power and water (and a nice view) here in the yard so you can see how all the systems work.

Should you be interested, we are also putting the finishing touches on some RVHaulers if you want a safe and capable tow unit!  I even have a couple Gen 2 Smart Cars stashed here which I would consider selling!